Two Stories House Design


Basic Specific

•Floor: 2 storey
•Overall size: 588 sq-m
•Min plot size: 183 sq-m
•Total build-up area:
•Bedrooms: 5
•Toilet: 4
•Garages: 1



1. Architecture

• This is a modern house plan that can be built in a 13.6 meters by14.7 meters lot as single detached type with two stories.There is a yard in front of the house.One part of the yard can be used to make a parking area.To the right, there is a swimming pool.

• On the ground floor,the plan consists of two bedrooms which are self-contained type.The first VIP is furnituerd with a television and served by a bath tub and a showercabin and a toilet.The second is a small one with a medium size bathroom next to it.Besides two bedrooms,there are a living room and a kitchen. The vestitle,kitchen are open with no partition,designed to make the area continuous air flow.

• The second floor is divided into two halves, one side with a drying yard which has a washing machine and the others with five rooms including two identical single bedrooms, a toilet and a closed bedrooms (a bedroom and a toilet in there).This area can be very useful for small party or BBQ which is celebrated privatedly since is has a vacant space.

2. Structure

2.1 Structural Design Criteria

2.1.1 General

Different “limit state” shall be considered in the design:
• “Ultimate state” which guarantees a given safety of the structure againts the application of ultimate load combination.
• “Service state” with guarantees the material working stress when service load combinations are applied and guarantees the durability of the structure by limiting crack width under load combinations.

2.1.2 Design Standards

• TCVN 5574-2012 Design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, which similar to Eurocode 2.
• TCVN 2737-1995 Loads and Effects.

2.1.3 Units

• The units used in metric system.
• Acceleration due to gravity (g) = 9.8 m/s^2

2.1.4 Material

• Concrete grade: fc’=22.5MPa, requiring slump of 18cm for slab.
• Reinforcement D<10 has yield strength fy > 230MPa
• Reinforcement D>10 has yield strength fy > 280MPa

2.1.5 Loads and Load combination

A. Load
• Self Weight (SW) for reinforced concrete is 25kN/cu-m
• Superimposed Dead Load (SDL): finishing = 1.5 kPa, 110mm wall with 30mm plastering = 2.7 kPa per wall area, 220mm wall with 30 mm plastering = 5.2 kPa per wall area
• Live Load (LL): 2 kPa
• Construction load (CL): 7.5 kPa
• Not considering Wind Load and Earth Quake.
B. Load factor combination
• SW + SDL + LL
• SW+ CL

2.2 Structural Analysis

The gravity loads has been assigned as area loads on slab and transferred all area load to columns in Etabs models.

2.3 Design Part

2.3.1 Footing Design

2.3.2 Column Design

2.3.3 Floor Design

2.3.4 Stair Design

2.3.5 Lintel Design

3. M&E

4. Constructrion images.

• Foundation (N/A)
• Column (N/A)
• 2nd floor
• Lower roof

• Roof

5. File List

5.1 Architecture (PDF and DWG)
• Master plan, 1st floor plan, 2nd floor plan, roof plan.
• 3 Section cut.
• Stair, WC, Windows, Door detail…
5.2 Structure (PDF and DWG)
• Pile plan, footing plan, foundation detail…
• Column plan, column detail.
• Structurual plan, beams and slabs detail…
• Stair case, lintel…
5.3 M&E Not Avaiable
5.4 Construction picture
• Foundation (N/A)
• Column (N/A)
• 2nd floor
• Lower roof
• Roof
• More than 50++ pic.


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